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We love what we do and look forward to the opportunity to help your child reach his or her full potential!

We are a team of uniquely qualified professionals working together to provide high quality treatment and maximum levels of support for children and families with special needs.

For children with ASD and other neuro-developmental disorders, treatment planning always involves both an Autism Specialist and Speech-language Pathologist, highly trained to provide therapy to this population of children and their families.



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  •  Relationship Development Intervention (RDI)

    Developed in response to the most current research in the fields of autism and brain development, RDI® programs take families through a specific curriculum of parent and child goals to improve quality of life for the entire family.

  •  Speech and Communication Therapy

    Highly qualified Speech-Language Pathologists trained to provide treatment for all areas of speech and language development including receptive and expressive language delay, articulation, and pragmatics. While specializing in treating children with autism, we welcome all children with speech needs.

  •  Feeding Therapy

    Our therapists effectively treat a wide variety of feeding difficulties and pull from a variety of tools and a large knowledge base to ensure we create an individualized treatment program that is right for your child.

  •  Parent Training and Support

    In addition to helping parents understand autism and how it shapes development and behavior, we also provides emotional support and empowerment for families on their journey with autism.

  •  Collaborative Treatment Model

    Therapists and consultants from all disciplines at Developing Minds actively work together on a daily basis to ensure every child’s needs are being nurtured – emotionally, developmentally, and functionally. You can be sure that your child will get the individualized attention he or she needs to thrive.


Relationship Development Intervention® (RDI) is a cost effective, research guided, intervention approach for remediating Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). RDI is a family-based program that aims to provide quality of life to individuals with ASD and their families.

RDI is based on the belief that individuals with ASD can develop the cognitive, emotional, communicative and social tools needed to obtain the quality of life of which their disorder deprives them.(Gutstein, 2005)